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Choosing the right fit

Frequently Asked Questions.

Making the switch to a professional association management company

What is an association management company?

Association management companies assume the operational management of nonprofit professional associations. Bringing together experts from a variety of backgrounds—from accounting to meeting planning to marketing to human resources—these companies are able to provide integrated leadership for associations.

Why should my organization use an association management company?

In short, it’s about resources, experience and expertise. Many non-profit associations depend on volunteer board members or a few dedicated staff members. Often, associations see the potential they have, but do not have the dedicated resources to fully realize that potential. By selecting Accolade as your association management company, volunteer board members become more involved in the overall strategic direction of the association and are freed from the administrative burdens of managing a non-profit.

But, more importantly, the depth of expertise an association management company can provide in financial management, event and meeting planning, member communications, recruitment, sponsorship development and more provides a solid, reliable foundation for your association to grow to new heights. 


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