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Our Services

Complete association management solutions

Complete Association Management Solutions

Our custom solutions solve many of the biggest challenges associations face. Our services are not one-size-fits-all, but are rooted in experience and aimed to help you achieve your goals and vision.

Make Your Events Unforgettable

Accolade is an industry leader in planning and executing business meetings, conferences, events and trade shows of all sizes. We believe that everything speaks and reflects on the organization. Our professional event staff thinks creatively and accounts for every detail to ensure a successful and memorable experience.

Strategic Planning & Governance

Accolade will take on your challenges, we will put in the time, and we will learn the complexities in order to develop actionable steps to a solution. Our highly-rated strategic planning program will provide you with the road map you need to jump levels.

Communication & Marketing

Accolade has a proven marketing and communications team that consistently delivers results. From mass mailing to email communication and marketing campaigns, we can help create and execute an enhanced marketing and communications plan.

Education & Professional Development

Our education department will assist with professional development programs and obtaining continuing education.

Membership Growth & Engagement

From new member recruitment to developing relationships with existing members, Accolade goes above and beyond to ensure growth and good health of your organization.

Transparent Financial Stewardship

The Accolade accounting department becomes your organization's accounting department. With full transparency and a focus on communication, we will make sure everything is in line and on budget so you don't have to.

Governmental Affairs

Whether your association needs to advocate on behalf of a bill in Congress or to push for legislation lawmakers haven’t thought of yet, we’re equipped to advocate for your members’ interests. Our government affairs and relations are led by Accolade President Bernd Heinze, Esq., who has extensive experience working on Capitol Hill. He now regularly works with state and federal governments, testifies before state and federal government committees and is relied on by elected and appointed officials and staff across the United States and in Washington, D.C.

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